IMA Kanpur Branch & The Temple of Service

This article was written by Late Dr. Jawahar Lal Rohatagi in the souvenir which was published at the time of Diamond Jubilee of the branch. Dr. Jawahar Lal Rohatagi was only living founder member at that time and has depicted the true story of formation of Cawnpore Medical Association. This is the only authentic document about the events that had occurred at that time.

It is indeed a thrilling experience to recall the events of past 60 years synchronizing with the birth and growth of the I.M.A., Kanpur Branch, which has gained a unique position among its counterparts in the rest of the country.

After qualifying from Agra Medical School. I served for short terms as Medical Officer of Agra Jail and District Hospital, Etah. My elder brother, Late Dr. Murari Lal Rohatgi was then working as Health Officer of Kanpur and also running a private clinic in Moulganj. Being overworked, he wanted me to assist him in his profession so partly on account of this and partly due to my own inclination accentuated by the attitude of the departmental bosses at that time, I resigned from the Government job in 1910 and came down to Kanpur at the call of my elder brother. Since then, Kanpur became my permanent home.

Kanpur’s population at that time was hardly 2 lacs and besides the Vaidyas and Hakims, the medical practitioners of the town had close personal intimacy among them, and even while engaged in our profession, we had time not only for developing social contacts but for cultivating social aptitude and rendering social service in our own humble way and that gained for us a prestigious position among the classes and masses, in whose personal contact we freely came.

The Offspring

The few men of our profession used to meet almost daily at some place to discuss civil and social matters of significance, developments in medical science & means of prevention of epidemics and common diseases. Very soon we had formed into a Doctor’s Club at my bungalow which was then located within the compound of G.N.K. College. After a few meetings, we decided to form into a Medical Association and run it on proper lines making it fully representative of the doctors of the town.

Dr. Major W. Young, the then Civil Surgeon of Kanpur, was the unanimous choice for the Presidentship of the newly formed “Cawnpore Medical Association”.

It was the memorable year 1912. The first official general meeting of newly formed Association was held on 28th May, 1912 at 7.30 P.M. at the place of Dr. S.N. Sen., Dr. Major W. Young being out of station, Dr. H.C. Bhattacharya was voted to chair, 20 members attending. At this meeting Rules and Regulations were adopted and the following were elected unanimously:

President : Dr. (Major) W. Young
Vice-President: Dr. H.C. Bhattacharya, Dr. M.N. Ganguli
Secretary : Dr. N.N. Dey
Jt. Secretary: Dr. Jawahar Lal Rohatgi
Treasurer : Dr. S.N. Sen
Members of the: Dr. Abdus Samad
Executive: Dr. Shaim Lal, Dr. S.N.Tiwari

The Office of the Association was to remain as before at my bungalow in Civil Lines.

Noble Resolves

The following Aims and Object of the Association were also adopted at the very first general meeting.

  1. To consolidate the unity and brotherhood among the members of medical profession.
  2. To maintain the dignity of profession.
  3. To improve the method of treatment by interchange of experiences.
  4. To keep abreast with modern scientific knowledge by means of debates, discussions respective Medical Journals and Periodicals and also by Exhibitions of rare cases.
  5. To educate in the matters of sanitary reforms. These noble aims have continuously provide impetus for the Association and its members to grow up with high traditions.

Growing Up

Month after month, the Executive Committee was working in concert for the furtherance of Association’s Aims and Objects. The membership subscription was fixed at Re. 1/- A list of Magazines and Journals to be subscribed from the Association funds was drawn out. Some magazines and Medical books came as gift from the members. Office furniture was presented by members. Clinical meetings were started and the same aroused keen interest among the members. Gradually, the need for having a regular rented office of the Association was being seriously felt. Starting with a rented room. the office and library shifted to the then Prince of Wales Hospital (now U.H.M. Hospital). This arrangement, too, could not work for long and then again we shifted to private residences of members. In the frequent movements of office, a good number of books were either destroyed or lost. The need for having a permanent place of its own was now considered of prime importance. This was essentially linked with the existence and the growth of the Association.

The Building

It was in 1928, that the Association succeeded in acquiring the plot of land, (Initially on a yearly rental of Rs. 120/-) near Ram Lila ground, Parade. The initial assistance rendered by Mr Munroe. the then District Magistrate and R.B. Vikramajit Singh in this respect and the magnificence of L. Kamlapat Singhania, Mr. West, Sir Thomas Smith, Mr. Horseman, Swadesho Cotton Miils, Muir Mills, Shri Kochar and the concerted efforts of Dr. S.N. Sen, Dr. Abdus Samad, Dr. R.S. Gupta, Dr. S.N.Tiwari, Dr. A.C. Dutta, Dr. H.C. Bhattacharya, Dr. L.N. Mehrotra, Dr. R.P. Kapoor and Mr. M.S. De-Noronha and Dr. M.X. De Noronha were responsible for the creation of the main building. Later on Buckley Room and Bhattacharya Room were added with the personal donations, received from their respective families.

Cawnpore Electric Supply Co. (B.I.C. Group) did the entire electric fittings free of cost. The present building named. Temple of Service was formally inaugurated on 16-11-31 by Mr. R. F. Mudie, I.C.S., the then Distt. Magistrate of Kanpur.

Growing into a “Temple of Service”

The Municipal Board, Kanpur granted a non-recurring grant-in-aid of Rs. 3,000/- The Boundary Wall in 1945, the servant quarters in 1947 and the Bath Room and Servant quarters in 1954 were added further to meet the absolute need. Telephone was installed in 1958. Extension of Hall was completed in 1961 and shops were constructed on the southern end in 1969 which have greatly stabilised the finances of the Association. The Main Hall now presents a thoroughly renovated look with new furnishings and electric fittings etc.

The I.M.A. and its building are living monuments to the zealousness of its younger members and office bearers, especially during the post-independence period, of course, the initial contributions made by the sponsors and enthusiastic seniors during the pre-independence period have their own importance. It was due to their vision and effort that the dream of 1912 came true.

The I.M.A. Kanpur Branch has to its credit numerous services to the community, particularly during epidemics and towards ameliorating the sufferings of local community by assisting in prevention of diseases and removing physical disabilities. In organising Floods and Droughts, Relief work and Family Planning Campaign and during emergencies the I.M.A. has been doing commendable work.

In organisational matters, it has proved to be the forerunner of the I.M.A. (Central) and State Branch and has been contributing immensely towards their growth. It has to its credit the hosting of a number of State and All India Medical Conferences in the town. It is maintaining active association with other service organisations.

The Association has steadfastly safeguarded the interests of the Medical profession by agitative and reconciliatory and legislative measures and now there is no forum worth the name where the voice of the I.M.A. is not represented or heard. Very many members of the Association have occupied positions of honours and dignity in various fields of social, cultural, educational and political activities.

At age 87, being the only living at Kanpur, among the Founder members of I.M.A. I am extremely happy and proud indeed to have lived this day to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of my own child which I conceived and nurse as one of its founder fathers sixty years ago. I am now virtually the Grandpa of many my own eldest son being as old as the Association itself. The happiest moment of my life has come. However, my thought goes to those of my comrades of the past who worked for the present and are no more to see how their child looks now a fully grown and matured man. May it grow from strength to strength and successfully complete its centenary.

Letter for registration of Cawnpore Medical Association Year 1929-I

Letter for registration of Cawnpore Medical Association Year 1929-II

Some Important Landmarks in the History of IMA Kanpur Branch


Cawnpore Medical Association was formed by 20 Founder members.

National I.M.A. was formed in Calcutta and Dr. R.S. Gupta attended the inaugural function on behalf of I.M.A. Kanpur Branch.

1st Constitution draft of Cawnpore Branch was formed.

Provincial branch of I.M.A. was formed in Meerut and Dr. S.N. Sen was elected as the First President of I.M.A. U.P. Provincial branch.

All members of I.M.A. Cawnpore Branch became member of provincial branch of IMA.

IInd Provincial branch Conference was held at Kanpur. Dr. S.N. Sen was the Chairman of Reception Committee. Dr. (Maj.) Rany’s Singh (Allahabad) was elected as President and Dr. Bhupat Singh (Meerut) was chosen as Hony. Secretary.

The name of Cawnpore Medical Association was changed as I.M.A. Kanpur branch.

21st All India Medical Conference was held at Kanpur under Presidentship of Dr. Jiv Raj Mehta. Dr. R.K. Seth was the Organizing Secretary.

XIIIth U.P. State Medical Conference was held. Dr. Atal (Lucknow) was elected as President and Dr. (Capt.) H.N. Shivpuri was Hony. Secretary.

I.M.A. Kanpur Branch celebrated its Silver Jubilee. Dr. R.S. Dixit, President Dr. (Mrs.) M. Khanna Hony. Secretary of the Branch.

I.M.A. Kanpur Branch celebrated its Golden Jubilee. Dr. S.N. Saxena was the President of Branch and Dr. R.K. Jalota was Hony. Secretary of the Branch.

37th All India Medical Conference was held at Kanpur.

35th U.P. State Conference was held in Kanpur. Dr. A. Charan (Lucknow) was installed as President and Dr. K.P. Mehrotra (Kanpur) as Hony. Secretary.

Branch Celebrated Diamond Jubilee under Presidentship of Dr. A.K. Gupta and Dr. Kehsav Chandra as Hony. Secretary.

Branch Celebrated Founder day 1st Time under Presidentship of Dr. Parshottam Singh & Dr. Munishwer Nigam, Hony. Secretary. A special Booklet has published for the first time on the beeston containing the Photograph and life sketch of 20 founder members. It was written and edited by Dr. Munishwar Nigam.

All India Medical Conference was held at Kanpur under Presidentship of Dr. O.P. Mittal and Dr. Kedar Nath Mehrotra as Hony. Secretary of branch. Dr. K.P. Mehrotra was the Chairman of Oganising Committee.

Dr. K.P. Mehrotra was elected as All India President.

50th State Conference was held. Dr. B.M.D. Verma, was the President of the Branch and Dr. V.K. Kapoor was the Hony. Secretary of branch. Dr. T.N. Mehrotra (Meerut) was installed as President of I.M.A.U.P. State and Dr. Naim Hamid (Kanpur) was elected as Hony. State Secretary.

Platinum Jubilee was celebrated by Branch. Dr. C.M. Singhal was the President and Dr. Kulwant Singh was the Hony. Secretary.

70th U.P. State Medical Conference was held. Dr. T.N. Singh was installed as State President and Dr. O.P. Tiwari (Varanasi) as State Secretary. Dr. R.N. Chaurasia was the Chairman of Organising Committee and Dr. V.K. Kapoor was the Secretary, Organising Committee.

1. First I.M.A. Branch in the entire nation to reach its Centenary Year. Cetenary year Celebrations Comprising an unparalled 4 daylong Mega Swasthya Mela with Chaupal and Public Awareness Lectures, Walks for Health, Tree Plantation Drive, Tax Guru Mr. Lakhotia’s Lecture, Dr. Kushal Mital’s Lecture cum banquet on Reviving Marital Sparkle, Kavi Sammelan, Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya Night, Comedian Raju Srivastava Night and an unprecedented Gala Banquet for 1500 IMA Family members.

2. A special First day Cover of I.M.A. Kanpur Branch’s Centenary Year was also released by Postal department on the occasion.

3. General Body Meeting unanimously passed a resolution to make grand IMA building at existing premises of IMA Kanpur.

Silanyas of new IMA Bhawan was done on 18.08.2013.

Coal India Ltd. sanctioned Rs. 3 Crore from its CSR fund for the formation of blood bank with component separation facility at the premises of IMA Kanpur. Bhumi Pujan for construction of new Building on 13.10.2013.

Demolition of old building was started.

Ganesh Pujan for new IMA Bhawan on 03.11.2014.

Launch of IMA Kanpur’s Mob. App. on 7th Dec. 2016

Shifting of Office in building of IMA Kanpur on 11 Dec., 2016

Construction of Blood Bank completed in June, 2017




Dr. K.P. Mehrotra


  1. Dr. S.N. Sen
  2. Dr. J.L. Rohatgi
  3. Dr. K.P. Mehrotra
  1. Dr. Navin Chandra
  2. Dr. Satyanand
  3. Dr. Gulab Agarwal


  1. 1934-35
  2. 1937-38
  3. 1945-46
  4. 1960-61
  5. 1962-63
  6. 1967-68
  7. 1971-72
  8. 1973-74
  9. 1974-75
  10. 1977-78
  11. 1979-80
  12. 1980-81
  13. 1982-83
  14. 1983-84
  15. 1987-88
  16. 1990-91
  17. 1994-95
  18. 1997-98
  19. 2001-02
  20. 2004-05
  21. 2006-07
  • Dr. S.N. Sen
  • Dr. Abdus Samad
  • Dr. Jawahar Lal Rohatgi
  • Dr. B.N. Bhalla
  • Dr. S.P. Srivastava
  • Dr. S.N. Saxena
  • Dr. Navin Chand
  • Dr. Tara Chand
  • Dr. K.P. Mehrotra
  • Dr. B.N. Bose
  • Dr. B.K. Kapoor
  • Dr. Satyanand
  • Dr. R.K. Jalota
  • Dr. S.B. Agnihotri
  • Dr. Naim Hamid
  • Dr. Gulab Agarwal
  • Dr. V.K. Kapoor
  • Dr. Satwant Singh
  • Dr. A.K. Srivastava
  • Dr. Rajesh Agarwal
  • Dr. T.N. Singh


  1. …….
  2. 1968-70
  3. 1970-75
  4. 1975-77
  5. 1977-79
  6. 1985-87
  7. 1987-90
  8. 1990-94
  9. 1994-96
  10. 1996-98
  11. 1998-2002
  • Dr. S.N.Saxena
  • Dr. Navin Chand
  • Dr. K.P. Mehrotra
  • Dr. D.N. Bose
  • Dr. B.K. Kapoor
  • Dr. Naim Hamid
  • Dr. Gulab Agarwal
  • Dr. V.K. Kapoor
  • Dr. A.K. Srivastava
  • Dr. V.C. Rastogi
  • Dr. Rajesh Agarwal


Member of Parliament & Rajya Sabha

Dr. Murari Lal Rohatagi

Dr. C.B. Singh

Dr. Jawahar Lal Rohatgi Deputy Minister of, UP Govt.

Dr. Jawahar Lal Rohatgi State Minister, UP Govt.

Dr. Jawahar Lal Rohatgi M.L.A., U.P.

Dr. Murari Lal Rohatgi

Dr. Abdus Samad MLC, U.P.

Dr. Murari Lal Rohatgi Member, MCI

Dr. C.B. Singh Member, State Medical Faculty

Dr. K.P. Mehrotra President, Kanpur Municipal Board

Dr. Murari Lal Rohatgi Corporator, Kanpur Nagar Mahapalika

Dr. S.B. Agnihotri Vice Presidents, Cantonment Board Kanpur

Dr. V.N. Tandon

Dr. Satwant Singh

Dr. R.K. Jalota President, Family Planning Association of India

Dr. (Mrs.) C. Rohatgi Secretary, Family Planning Association of India

Dr. S.N. Kapoor


Dr. Ramesh Chandra Nigam Dr. (Mrs.) Laxmi Sahgal



1998-1999 Dr. Gulab Agarwal 2006-2007 Dr. M.P. Wadhwani 2008-2009 Dr. T.N. Singh



President Hony. Secretary 1971-72 Dr. R.K. Seth Dr. T.N. Singh 1985-86 Dr. T.N. Singh Dr. A.K. Srivastava 1991-92 Dr. Prem Nath Dr. H.R. Agarwal 2004-05 Dr. A.K. Ahuja Dr. Brijendra Nigam 2011-12 Dr. Shiva K. Mishra Dr. Pankaj Gulati 2014-15 Dr. Kiran Pandey Dr. R.C. Gupta


1. 2008-09 Dr. Awadh Dubey 2. 2009-10 Dr. A.C. Agarwal 3. 2011-12 Dr. Shiva K. Misra


1. 1987-1988 Dr. Pankaj Jalota 2. 1988-1989 Dr. V.C. Rastogi 3. 2008-2009 Dr. A.C. Agarwal 4. 2009-2010 Dr. Alka Sharma 5. 2010-2011 Dr. Sanjay Srivastava


1. 1995-1996 Dr. P.C. Singh 2. 1997-1998 Dr. A.K. Srivastava 3. 2000-2001 Dr. R.P.S. Bhardwaj 4. 2003-2004 Dr. A.K. Ahuja 5. 2005-2006 Dr. S.K. Gupta 6. 2009-2010 Dr. A.C. Agarwal 7. 2013-2014 Dr. Arati Lalchandani


1. 1975-76 Dr. Munishwar Nigam 2. 1979-80 Dr. Naim Hamid 3. 1980-81 Dr. Sushil Seth 4. 1983-84 Dr. R.N. Chaurasia 5. 1984-85 Dr. V.K. Kapoor 6. 1985-86 Dr. A.K. Srivastava 7. 1987-88 Dr. Pankaj Jalota 8. 1988-89 Dr. V.C. Rastogi 9. 1989-90 Dr. V.K. Mishra 10. 1990-91 Dr. Rajesh Agarwal 11. 1996-97 Dr. Rajesh Jain 12. 1997-98 Dr. H.M. Kansal 13. 1999-00 Dr. S.K. Nigam 14. 2003-04 Dr. Brijendra Nigam 15. 2007-08 Dr. Jogendra Singh 16. 2009-10 Dr. Alka Sharma 17. 2010-11 Dr. Sanjay Srivastava


Year Chairperson Secretary President Secretary 2009-10 Dr. Kiran Pandey Dr. A.K. Nigam Dr. A.C. Agarwal Dr. Alka Sharma


2009-2010 Dr. Kiran Pandey


2009-2010 Dr. A.K. Nigam

Best National Refresher Course

I.M.A. C.G.P. Kanpur Sub-Faculty

Year Asst. Director Asst. Secretary President Secretary
1983-1984 Dr. K.N. Mehrotra Dr. Sajani Rastogi Dr. Munishwar Nigam Dr. R.N. Chaurasia
1989-1990 Dr. T.N. Singh Dr. R.N. Chaurasia Dr. Satwant Singh Dr. V.K. Misra
1995-1996 Dr. Manisha Gadre Dr. Vipin Mishra Dr. P.C. Singh Dr. A.K. Ahuja
1996-1997 Dr. S.M. Alam Dr. Nandini Rastogi Dr. S.K. Katiyar Dr. Rajesh Jain
1999-2000 Dr. Rajan Luthra Dr. H.S. Chawla Dr. Kulwant Singh Dr. S.K. Nigam
2001-2002 Dr. R.N. Chaurasia Dr. Raj Tilak Dr. R.P.S. Bhardwaj Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
2006-2007 Dr. Awadh Dubey Dr. S.K. Arora Dr. S.K. Gupta Dr. U.C. Sinha
2007-2008 Dr. D. Lalchandani Dr. Aloke Misra Dr. Kuldeep Saxena Dr. Jogendra Singh
2008-2009 Dr. Atul Kapoor Dr. S.K. Bhatter Dr. Awadh Dubey Dr. A.C. Agarwal
2009-2010 Dr. S.K. Misra Dr. Ravi Kumar Dr. A.C. Agarwal Dr. Alka Sharma
2010-2011 Dr. Giasudin Dr. J.S. Kushwaha Dr. D. Lalchandani Dr. Sanjay Srivastava
2011-2012 Dr. Nandini Rastogi Dr. Malay Chaturvedi Dr. Shiva K. Misra Dr. Pankaj Gulati

Presidents of IMA Kanpur

Preliminary Dr. H.C. Bhattacharya
1912 Dr. Major W. Young
1913 Dr. Major W. Young
1914 Dr. Lt. Col. W. Young
1915 Dr. Lt. Col. W. Young
1916 Dr. Lt. Col. W. Young
1917 Dr. Lt. Col. W. Young
1918 Dr. Lt. Col. W. Young
1920 Dr. Lt. Col. W. Young
1921 Dr. C.P. Fuller
1922 Dr. M.N. Ganguly
1923 Dr. M.N. Ganguly
1924 Dr. M.N. Ganguly
1925 Dr. M.N. Ganguly
1926 Dr. M.N. Ganguly
1927 Dr. S.N. Sen
1928 Dr. S.N. Sen
1929 Dr. S.N. Sen
1930 Dr. S.N. Sen
1931 Dr. S.N. Sen
1932 Dr. S.N. Sen
1933 Dr. S.N. Sen
1934 Dr. S.N. Sen
1935 Dr. S.N. Sen
1936 Dr. S.N. Sen
1937 Dr. S.N. Sen
1938 Dr. S.N. Sen
1939 Dr. S.N. Sen
1940 Dr. S.N. Sen
1941 Dr. S.N. Sen
1942 Dr. S.N. Sen
1943 Dr. S.N. Sen
1944 Dr. S.N. Sen
1945 Dr. S.N. Sen
1946 Dr. S.N. Sen
1947 Dr. J.L. Rohatgi
1948 Dr. M.X.DE. Maronha
1949 Dr. M.X.DE. Maronha
1950 Dr. B.N. Bhallay
1951 Dr. B.N. Bhallay
1952 Dr. B.N. Bhallay
1953 Dr. S.N. Mishra
1954 Dr. S. Sen
1955 Mrs. M. Khanna
1956 Dr. R. Prasad
1957 Dr. Maj. Bishan Singh
1958 Dr. B.L. Rohatgi
1959 Dr. Rajendra Rohatgi
1960 Dr. C.B. Singh
1961 Dr. C.K. Rohatgi
1962 Dr. S.N. Saxena
1963 Dr. S.N. Saxena
1964 Dr. S.R. Kapoor
1965 Dr. S.R. Kapoor
1966 Dr. Navin Chandra
1967 Dr. Kedar Nath
1968 Dr. G.L. Rohatgi
1969 Dr. K.N. Mathur
1970 Dr. S.N. Kapoor
1971 Dr. Tara Chand
1972 Dr. R.K. Seth
1973 Dr. A.K. Gupta
1974 Dr. K.P. Mehrotra
1975 Dr. Satyanand
1976 Dr. Parshottam Singh
1977 Dr. J.R. Srivastava
1978 Dr. R.K. Jalota
1979 Dr. O.P. Mittal
1980 Dr. S.B. Agnihotri
1981 Dr. S.C. Jain
1982 Dr. B.K. Kapoor
1983 Dr. K.K. Sikka
1984 Dr. Munishwar Nigam
1985 Dr. B.M.D. Verma
1986 Dr. T.N. Singh
1987 Dr. C.M. Singhal
1988 Dr. R. Sahai
1989 Dr. R.N. Tandon
1990 Dr. Satwant Singh
1991 Dr. Hari Gautam
1992 Dr. Prem Nath
1993 Dr. S.N. Agarwal
1994 Dr. R.N. Chaurasia
1995 Dr. V.S. Rajput
1996 Dr. P.C. Singh
1997 Dr. S.K. Katiyar
1998 Dr. A.K. Srivastava
1999 Dr. (Mrs.) V.K. Singh
2000 Dr. Kulwant Singh
2001 Dr. R.P.S. Bhardwaj
2002 Dr. Rajesh Jain
2003 Dr. Santosh Kumar
2004 Dr. A.K. Ahuja
2005 Dr. V.C. Rastogi
2006 Dr. S.K. Gupta
2007 Dr. Kuldeep Saxena
2008 Dr. Awadh Dubey
2009 Dr. A.C. Agarwal
2010 Dr. D. Lal Chandani
2011 Dr. Shiva Kant Mishra
2012 Dr. Alka Sharma
2013 Dr. Arti Lal Chandani
2014 Dr. Kiran Pandey
2015 Dr. Arti Lal Chandani
2016 Dr. Praveen Katiyar
2017 Dr. Praveen Katiyar
2018 Dr. Archana Bhadauria
2019 Dr. Rita Mittal

Hony. Secretaries of IMA Kanpur

Preliminary Dr. N.N. Dey & Dr. J.L. Rohtagi
1912 Dr. N.N. Dey & Dr. S.N. Sen
1913 Dr. S.N. Sen
1914 Dr. S.N. Sen
1915 Dr. S.N. Sen
1916 Dr. S.N. Sen
1917 Dr. S.N. Sen
1918 Dr. S.N. Sen
1919 Dr. S.N. Sen
1920 Dr. S.N. Sen
1921 Dr. S.N. Sen
1922 Dr. S.N. Sen
1923 Dr. S.N. Sen
1924 Dr. S.N. Sen
1925 Dr. S.N. Sen
1926 Dr. S.N. Sen
1927 Dr. R.P. Kapoor
1928 Dr. R.P. Kapoor
1929 Dr. R.C. Bhattacharya
1930 Dr. R.C. Bhattacharya
1931 Dr. R.C. Bhattacharya
1932 Dr. R.C. Bhattacharya
1933 Dr. S.N. Mishra
1934 Dr. S.N. Mishra
1935 Dr. S.N. Mishra & Dr. S. Sharma
1936 Dr. S.N. Mishra & Dr. S. Sharma
1937 Dr. S.N. Mishra & Dr. S. Sharma
1938 Dr. A.M. Khan
1939 Dr. P.D. Katiyar & Dr. S.N. Saxena
1940 Dr. S.N. Mishra
1941 Dr. S.N. Mishra
1942 Dr. S.N. Mishra
1943 Dr. S.N. Saxena
1944 Dr. S.N. Saxena
1945 Dr. S.N. Saxena
1946 Dr. P.N. Bajpai
1947 Dr. P.N. Bajpai
1948 Dr. P.N. Bajpai
1949 Dr. P.N. Bajpai
1950 Dr. J.N. Rajpal
1951 Dr. J.P. Nigam
1952 Dr. J.P. Nigam
1953 Dr. Navin Chandra
1954 Dr. Navin Chandra
1955 Dr. (Mrs) M. Khanna
1956 Dr. B.N. Khanna
1957 Dr. K.P. Mehrotra
1958 Dr. R.S. Saxena
1959 Dr. Satwant Singh
1960 Dr. Satwant Singh
1961 Dr. Satwant Singh
1962 Dr. R.K. Jalota
1963 Dr. R.K. Jalota
1964 Dr. B.K. Kapoor
1965 Dr. B.K. Kapoor
1966 Dr. B.K. Kapoor
1967 Dr. D.N. Bose
1968 Dr. D.N. Bose
1969 Dr. Raj Kapoor
1970 Dr. Raj Kapoor
1971 Dr. T.N. Singh
1972 Dr. T.N. Singh
1973 Dr. Keshav Chandra
1974 Dr. Keshav Chandra
1975 Dr. N.D. Kapoor
1976 Dr. Munishwar Nigam
1977 Dr. Prem Nath
1978 Dr. S.B. Mehptra
1979 Dr. K.N. Mehrotra
1980 Dr. Naim Hamid
1981 Dr. Sushil Seth
1982 Dr. Nihal Ahmad
1983 Dr. Gulab Agarwal
1984 Dr. R.N. Chaurasiya
1985 Dr. V.K. Kapoor
1986 Dr. A.K. Srivastava
1987 Dr. Kulwant Singh
1988 Dr. Pankaj Jalota
1989 Dr. V.C. Rastogi
1990 Dr. V.K. Mishra
1991 Dr. Rajesh Agarwal
1992 Dr. H.R. Agarwal
1993 Dr. M.P. Sharma
1994 Dr. V.K. Gupta
1995 Dr. P.C. Singh
1996 Dr. A.K. Ahuja
1997 Dr. Rajesh Jain
1998 Dr. Deepak Ahuja, Dr. H.M. Kansal
1999 Dr. D. Lalchandani
2000 Dr. S.K. Nigam
2001 Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
2002 Dr. P.C. Gupta
2003 Dr. M.P. Singh
2004 Dr. H.R. Agarwal
2005 Dr. Madukar Katiyar
2006 Dr. U.C. Sinha
2007 Dr. Jogendra Singh
2008 Dr. A.C. Agarwal
2009 Dr. Alka Sharma
2010 Dr. Sanjay Srivastava
2011 Dr. Pankaj Gulati
2012 Dr. Praveen Katiyar
2013 Dr. Ravi Kumar
2014 Dr. R.C. Gupta
2015 Dr. Archana Bhadauria
2016 Dr. Rahul Mishra
2017 Dr. Anurag Mehrotra
2018 Dr. Brijendra Shukla
2019 Dr. Gaurav Dubey

List of Asst. Directors & Asst. Secretaries of IMACGP Kanpur Sub-Faculty

Year Asstt. Director Asstt. Secretary
1981 Dr. N.D. Kapoor Dr. S.B. Mehrotra
1982 Dr. N.D. Kapoor Dr. S.B. Mehrotra
1983 Dr. S.B. Mehrotra Dr. S.K. Saxena
1984 Dr. K.N. Mehrotra Dr. Sanjay Rastogi
1985 Dr. R.P. Bhasin Dr. V.M. Kohli/Dr. Pankaj Jalota
1986 Dr. C.M. Singhal Dr. Kulwant Singh
1987 Dr. S.S. Singhal Dr. V.K. Kapoor
1988 Dr. Santosh Kumar Dr. R.K. Bansal
1989 Dr. Naim Ahmad Dr. V.K. Msihra (Ped.)
1990 Dr. T.N. Singh Dr. R.N. Chaurasia
1991 Dr. M.K. Govil Dr. H.R. Agarwal
1992 Dr. S.K. Katiyar Dr. C.M. Verma
1993 Dr. Gulab Agarwal Dr. Amitabh Gupta
1994 Dr. Sushil Seth Dr. Arati Lalchandani
1995 Dr. (Mrs.) V.K. Singh Dr. V.K. Mishra (Gastro)
1996 Dr. (Mrs.) Manisha Gadre Dr. Vipin Mishra
1997 Dr. S.M. Alam Dr. Nandini Rastogi
1998 Dr. Prem Nath Dr. D. Lalchandani
1999 Dr. S.K. Saxena Dr. A.K. Trivedi
2000 Dr. H.S. Chawla Dr. Rajan Luthra
2001 Dr. R.N. Chaurasia Dr. Raj Tilak
2002 Dr. R.N. Dwivedi Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
2003 Dr. Meera Agnihotri Dr. S.K. Misra
2004 Dr. Sanjai Rastogi Dr. (Mrs.) C. Luthra
2005 Dr. Navneet Kumar Dr. Brijendra Nigam
2006 Dr. Awadh Dubey Dr. S.K. Arora
2007 Dr. D. Lalchandani Dr. Aloke Mishra
2008 Dr. Atul Kapoor Dr. S.K. Bhattar
2009 Dr. S.K. Misra Dr. Ravi Kumar
2010 Dr. Giasuddin Mohd. Dr. J.S. Kushwaha
2011 Dr. Nandini Rastogi Dr. Malay Chaturvedi
2012 Dr. A.K. Trivedi Dr. Rita Mittal
2013 Dr. V.N. Tripathi Dr. Peeyush Mishra
2014 Dr. R.P.S. Bhadauria Dr. Gaurav Nath Bhalla
2015 Dr. H.S. Chawla Dr. Inderjeet Singh Ahuja
2016 Dr. H.S. Chawla Dr. Inderjeet Singh Ahuja
2017 Dr. A.S. Prasad Dr. Archana Bhadauria
2018 Dr. Neelam Misra Dr. Sandeep Katiyar
2019 Dr. Rita Mittal Dr. Kunal Sahai
2020 Dr. Ravi Kumar Dr. Rajnish Bajwa

I.M.A. A.M.S. Kanpur Sub-Chapter

Year Chairperson Secretary
1997 to 2007 Dr. T.N. Singh Dr. Pankaj Jalota
2007-08 Dr. V.K. Kapoor Dr. P.K. Agarwal
2008-09 Dr. S.K. Mishra Dr. Sunil Taneja
2009-10 Dr. Kiran Pandey Dr. A.K. Nigam
2010-11 Dr. Nandini Rastogi Dr. V.K. Mishra
2011-12 Dr. Sanjay Srivastava Dr. Raj Tilak
2012-13 DR. R.C. Gupt (Ophth.) Dr. Brijendra Shukla
2013-14 Dr. S.M. Shukla Dr. Arvind Nigam
2014-15 Dr. Archana Kumar Dr. Pradeep Tandon
2015-16 Dr. Ajay Tiwari Dr. Saurabh Luthra
2016-17 Dr. Rita Mittal Dr. Lokendra Singh
2017-18 Dr. Archana Bhadauria Dr. Vikas Shukla
2018-19 Dr. Neelam Mishra Dr. H.S. Chawla
2019-20 Dr. RPS Bhadauria Dr. Vikas Mishra